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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question #1
(Q) When will New Valkyrie's be available for Sale to the Public?
(A) The 1st Valkyries that Fiberfab US produced, became Publicly Available January 1st, 2004

Question #2
(Q) How Long will it take for me to get my Valkyrie?
(A) 4 to 6 Weeks - from the time of deposit, Depending on Options, Your Valkyrie will be ready!

Question #3
(Q) How Much will a New GEN2 "UMETS" Valkyrie Cost?
(A) The Base Price of our the GEN2 Valkyrie Body & "UMETS" Frame Kits - Start at $8,150.00 USD
      Our New GEN 2 Valkyrie Rolling Chassis Platform - Body, Frame & "UMETS" Suspension - Begin at $15,250 USD

Question #4
(Q) What Options are Available on the Valkyrie Series Kitcar?
(A) * Cockpit Contoured Seats
      * Aluminum Alloy Dual Fuel-Pods
      * Custom Interior & Inner Door Panels
      * Cold Air Induction Separator(fabricated upon request)
      * Positive Locking Rear Deck Latch(ask about this option)
      * Aluminum Ground Effects Chassis Pan(fabricated upon request)
      * Full Alloy Frame (Models "F" & "R" Type, GEN 2 "UMETS" Frames Only - Available upon request)
      * Competition Performance Mounting and Assembly Kit ("R" Type - GEN 2 Frames Only)
      * As time goes on, Additional Options will become Available, Many Exciting Things are to Come!

Question #5
(Q) How Many Cars will be Available in the 2016 Season?
(A) Quality Standards insure that Fiberfab US Valkyrie's will be Produced only in Limited Numbers.
      At This time, The Guaranteed Serial Number Ownership Program , is the only
      way to Obtain, One of Our Initially Offered, Limited Quantity, FFUS Valkyrie Series Kitcars!
      ( NOTE: Custom Orders may Extend Customer Delivery Timeline! )

Question #6
(Q) Will the New GEN 2 "UMETS" Chassis's Retrofit my Vintage Body & fit under Vintage Fiberfab Bodies?
(A) YES, Backward Compatability with Vintage Applications was our Design, along with ease of Installation!
      Full Interchangability, Vintage to New, May Require some Minimal Modifications,
      as No Two Vintage Valkyries are Exactly Alike!

Question #7
(Q) Do I have to Purchase Exotic Engines or Adaptors to complete a Valkyrie Series Kitcar?
(A) NO, Many Acceptable Engines & Adaptors are Available to Complete your FFUS Valkyrie Series
      Kitcar. Call Directly to our Factory and Inquire concerning your combination of drivetrain. Our GEN 2 "UMETS" Chassis
      is Designed to Accept most any Longtitudally Orientated Drivetrain! Many are Readily Available throughout
      The Automotive Industry near your location, or ask about FFUS Factory Alliance Partner Contact Information!

Question #8
(Q) Where Can I Get a FFUS Valkyrie Kitcar?
(A) For the time Being, Factory Sales are the only way to obtain on of our Offerings,
      They can be reached at: sales@fiberfab.us or directly by easily mailing All Sales are Factory Direct and/or F.O.B. Washougal, Washington, USA

Question #9
(Q) Who Are You?
(A) reBorn in 2003 and starting over 50 years ago from Historical Roots, dating back to 1964, Factory Fiberfab US was born in the US and is currently Based in South western Washington, USA
      Made up of a Small Group of vary skilled Professionals.

Question #10
(Q) Why are we Re-Introducing The Valkyrie Series of car?
(A) We Believe that the Valkyrie is a Great Car, a Legendary Icon of the Car World!
      When Vintage Valkyries went out of production, due to Corporate Takeovers and Company Streamlining,
      the car world lost a herald! Unscrupulous Strategies were implemented to create a Lean Mean Corporate Profit Machine,
      thus neglecting the consumer! We feel the Best Interest of the Enthusiast was also Abandoned because of this process.

      Together as a Collective Effort, we realized that we have the Ability to Spawn a Rebirth! By Re-establishing Kit Builder Interest,
      and Renewed Passion in the Lengendary Valkyries we Love! Realizing We can Create New Valkyrie's, with Updated Technology,
      Making them easier to Assemble for Beginning Enthusiasts, by Reducing the Plethora of assorted Donor Car Parts,
      that Vintage Cars Required to make them function! Our Goal of producing a sophisticated product that advanced builders can appreciate,
      bearing Intentions to Provide a Quality, Exotically Styled, User Friendly Kitcar, with SuperCar Appeal, Engineered & Built to fit within
      the average builders, Moderate Budget! These are our Ideals, and foremostly, are the Foundation of Our Valkyrie, a Common-Mans SuperCar,
      the Legendary SuperCar, A Icon of Technology, that We Hope New Generations of Passionate Kitcar Owners will Enjoy for Years to Come!

      If you have Any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions
      Please Contact: sales@fiberfab.us

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