Guaranteed Serial Number Ownership thru Pre-Registration
Guaranteed Serial Number Ownership
Pre-Registration Program

Pre-Registration Sample Certificate

Fiberfab US Factory Sales, Provides an opportunity for: Ownership Pre-Registration
This Opportunity Provides a Method for the Customer to Obtain a Specific Serial Number,
An Ownership Guarantee, A Reserved Serial Number Designated Specifically for them!
This Program Provides "Non-Expiring" Assurances of Ownership Prior to Deposit and Finalization of Order!
Enrollment into the Fiberfab US Pre-Registration Program is: $250.00

     Fiberfab US, being the Guarantor, Provides the Customer with the following Conditions:

(1) That upon Enrollment in the Ownership Pre-Registration Process, the Customer will be
      Issued a Certificate of Serial Number Registration from "Fiberfab US". This Document
      will have Clearly Printed upon it, The Reserved Serial Number that has been Designated
      Specifically for them, and that this Reserved Serial Number will not be Re-Issued!

(2) That the Issued Certificate will have a Guaranteed Value of $500.00, when Redeemed
      to "FIBERFAB US" at the Time of Deposit, thus Confirming said Ownership Status
      and Finalizing the Order of your 2004 Valkyrie Series Kitcar Purchase!

(3) That the Issued Certificate will have the Date of Issue Clearly Printed on it.

(4) That the Issued Certificate will be "FULLY TRANSFERABLE", from "Party to Party",
      Being Recognized as a "BEARER BOND". And as such, This Legal Documented Certificate
      will be Redeemable Directly to "FIBERFAB US" or by any "Authorized Product Dealership"

(5) That the Issued Certificate will have "NO EXPIRATION DATE" affecting Redemption!

(6) That Upon Redemption of this Issued Certificate, Completion of Deposit and Order
      Finalization, Customer Status will be Upgraded from Pre-Registrant to Registered Owner,
      and as such, will be then recorded in the Fiberfab US Factory - Valkyrie Owners Registry!

(7) That Relinquishment of the "ISSUED CERTIFICATE" back to Fiberfab US, by the Bearer,
      Prior to the Completion of Deposit and Order Finalization, will Qualify Bearer for a Refund
      of the Program Registration Fee. This Prorated Refund will calculated by the following Scale:

      For the First 24 Month Period, Return of the Issued Certificate, Rates: "FULL REFUND"
      After the First 24 Month Period, Return of the Issued Certificate, Rates: "50% REFUND"

(8) Upon Return of the Issued Certificate Back to Fiberfab US for "REFUND", Fiberfab US
      Has the Right to "RE-ISSUE" the Certificate to the next Qualified Pre-Registrant.

      Be it known that, "UPON REFUND"
      That Fiberfab US, agrees to accept the Returned Certificate, along with the Agreement
      of the Relinquisher to Abandon all rights to the above Stated Conditions contained
      within the Guaranteed Serial Number Ownership Pre-registration Program!

Fiberfab US

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