Valkyrie MK III-B
U.M.E.T.S. Assembly
( Our GEN 2 Framework )
The Innovative U.M.E.T.S ("U"nitized "M"ulti-Link "E"ngine "T"ransmission "S"uspension),
is something that should have been introduced to cars Years Ago!
Every car enthusiast since time began has added their own special thing,
that thing makes their car special and different from everyone elses.

Now, Fiberfab  has made available a New Generation of car Framework,
This Advanced Framework, designed exclusively to fit the Valkyrie Line of cars, provides the Enthusiast
the Ability to use most any longtitudally mounted, transaxle driven, powertrain in their car!

Indy Style Multi-Link Rear Suspension provides the Handling that all enthusiasts desire,
and the Adjustability that all Mechanics need when Race Tuning their Rear Suspensions.
Your Coil-Over Shocks, E-Brake Calipers, along with C4 Corvette Hubs, Rotors & Drive Spindles,
make the Valkyrie UMETS Assembly a Powerful Combination of Quality Suspension Components!

UMETS Tail-Section VIEW

Having a 4-Cylinder Powerplant to drive economically, and a Beefy V8 to Hotrod on Saturday Nite!
This is the ability that anyone could have with the New UMETS Assembly in their Valkyrie car.
If  "YOU"  had twin UMETS Assemblies, You could interchange drivetrains probably within
an Hour or so, You could change motors in the pits, at your favorite racetrack,
So on and So Forth, Producing endless possibilities to consider!

Here is a 360 degree Walk-Around of the MK III-B Valkyrie U.M.E.T.S Assembly!

Note: Please Be Patient while slide show appears, "Thank-You"

Bolt-On Performance

        C4 Corvette Hub                        C4 Big Rotor Disks                E-Brake Equipted Calipers

After what seemed to be months and months of hard work, refinements and endless re-design,
the GEN 2 UMETS is finally ready to debut. Utilizing C4 Corvette Hubs, Rotors and Drive Spindles,
make the Fiberfab  Advanced Framework a work of art! The Ability to interchange a wide array
of drivetrains was the Goal of our Strategy, while simplicity and function benefit all.

Un-Bolt your Drivetrain

        Disconnect your UMETS,          Lower UMETS to Ground,                Roll car out of way!             

The simple ability to remove the drivetrain as a unitized package and do maintainance,
the principle of unbolting the powertrain from the frame, lowering it to the ground,
and rolling the car out of the way for easy accessibility to the motor and transaxle,
These are the benefits of the GEN 2 UMETS Assembly to the average enthusiast!

The GEN 2 Frame, Equipted with our Advanced U.M.E.T.S Assembly, comes in 3 standard forms:
shipped Separately, minus Heims and Connecting Sleeves,
shipped Unattached with all Parts Included for Assembly,
shipped Fully Assembled at our Factory, Ready to Use!

Basic GEN 2 Kit's Starting at: $16,250.00 usd
Intermediate GEN 2 Kit's Starting at: $18,250.00 usd
Factory Assembled GEN 2 Kit's Starting at: $20,495.00 usd
GEN 2 Kits Include: 7-Piece Body, GEN 2 Framework w/ UMETS, & everything in GEN 1 Base Kit package!
Contact: sales@fiberfab.us

Due to the Overwhelming Response to The VALKYRIE CAR,
projections still indicate Sales Requests will Out Number Production estimates!
FIBERFAB Provides a Ownership Pre-Registration Opportunity!

2003 Copyright © FIBERFAB  - sales@fiberfab.us

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