Fiberfab US - GEN 1 Valkyrie Packages

Valkyrie GEN 1 Packages


Let's start with our GEN 1 Framework, made from 2 x 5" Box Tubing, completely outfitted
for the Beginning or Advanced Kitcar Builder!

The GEN 1 Frame,
Is perfect for the Vintage Enthusiast! Made to Fully Interchange with Vintage Body's,
The Design and Advanced Features of the GEN 1 Frame make it an Affordable Choice.
When considering the Performance Standards set forth by Kitcar Enthusiasts Worldwide,
Our Frames are rated with the best of them, and weighing in at under 250lbs!
Triangulated throughout for Optimum Strength, this frame can handle the
Extreme Horsepower that Big Motor Mechanics can Provide.

GEN 1 Frames are Factory Equipped with these Standard Features:
     (1)     6-Point Frame Mounted Roll Bar
     (2)     Rear Coil-Over Shock Mounting Brackets - Variable Ride Height Adjustability
     (3)     Under Dash Frame Crossover - Mounting Point for Steering Column & Pedals Rack
     (4)     5-Point Seat Belt Brackets for use with 5-Point Harness & other Safety Devices
     (5)     In-Frame Brackets for Twin Fuel Pods - Used for Optional Ground-Effects Pan also
     (6)     Internal Front Bumper Mounts - Associated Location for Optional Front-end Car-Lift
     (7)     Radiator Support Installed & Brackets Provided for Forward Nose Mounted Radiator
     (8)     Internal Frame Corridor for "AN" Type Water Hoses or Electrical Wiring Protection
     (9)     Trailing Link Torque Arm Brackets - Standardized to fit Corvair Torque Arms
     (10)   Motor Mount Locations - Provided as per Customer Drivetrain Requirements
     (11)   Transmission Mount Locations - Both Mid and Rear Mount Locations
     (12)   Rear Body Pivots - Structural Support of Rear Body Half and Allows Easy-Lift Action
     (13)   Internal Rear Bumper - for Rear Collision Damage Reduction
     (14)   Pre-Located Corvair or Mustang II Front-End Attachment Locations
     (15)   Fully Upgradeable to Fiberfab US "GEN 2 - U.M.E.T.S." Assembly
     (16)   Customer Torque-Arms Modified - FREE - Factory Conversion to Coil-Over Shocks
     (17)   Fiberfab US Serial Number Identification Data Plate
     (18)   Valkyrie Series (GEN 1) - Build Manual, Parts List, and Supplier Directory

     The Price of the GEN 1 Frame, (when Purchased Separately) is:   $ 8150.00 USD




Now let's move on to the GEN 1 Valkyrie Body, Classic Styling, Exotic Looks, Vintage Appeal!

The GEN 1 Body,
Our Valkyrie Body has been Molded with the Newest of Fiberglass Technics. Hand-Laid Areas
of Reinforced Fiberglass Material Reduces Body Flexure, and Provides for a More Uniform Thickness!

The GEN 1 Valkyrie Body is Factory Equipped with these Standard Features:
     (1)     2-Piece Body - Front and Rear Components
     (2)     Molded Cockpit w/ Contoured Bucket Seats Molded in Place
     (3)     Both Doors - Driver and Passenger Sides
     (4)     Inner Door Panels - Standard Fiberglass
     (5)     Cockpit Dash Console w/ Molded Instrument Gauge Placements
     (6)     Body to Frame - Rubber Mounting Gaskets
     (7)     Radiator Support Installed & Brackets Provided for Forward Nose Mounted Radiator
     (8)     All Body Mounting Hardware - Nuts, Bolts, Washers Included

     The Price of the Valkyrie GEN 1 Body, (when Purchased Separately) is:   $ 8100.00 USD



     The Basic Valkyrie GEN 1 Package, (Body and Frame Package Purchase) is:   $ 15,250.00 USD


This is a great savings over (if Body and Frame Components were Purchased Separately)!



Regardless if your an Advanced or Basic Enthusiast, Windows for your Valkyrie are a Must-Have!

The GEN 1 Window Package,
Our Window Package includes Optional Components, Normally Purchased Separately.
These Components Outfit the GEN 1 Valkyrie Body with a Race Car Stylish Look!

The GEN 1 Window Package is Equipped with these Standard Components:
     (1)     Front Windshield
     (2)     Rear Window for Engine Compartment
     (3)     Cockpit / Firewall Lexan Rear Window
     (4)     Removable Lexan Side Windows w/ Crew Portals
     (5)     Factory Custom Inner Door Panels (for use with Removable Windows)
     (6)     Windshield Gasket and Adhesive
     (7)     Rear Window for Engine Compartment Gasket
     (8)     Cockpit / Firewall Rear Window Gasket
     (9)     Engine Compartment Body Seal Gasket
     (10)   Removable Window / Door Seals

     The Price of the GEN 1 Window Package, (when Purchased Separately) is:   $ 3500.00 USD



     The Deluxe Valkyrie GEN 1 Package, (Body, Frame, & Windows Complete) is:   $ 17,450.00 USD


This is an Additional Savings,
(if Body, Frame, & Window Package Components were Purchased Separately)!



Everyone Enjoys Options & Accessories, & Everyone Knows what Options are Right for Them!

Valkyrie Options,

The GEN 1 Valkyrie has many Optional Components, Some are Available at this time,
and Some will be Available in Mid-Season, when the GEN 2 Valkyrie's Debut!


GEN 1 Optional Components Listed Below
     (1)     Twin Pod - Fuel Tanks (made of 6061 Aluminum Alloy)   ........................................... :$ 899.95
     (2)     Custom Contoured Interior (Tailor Fit to Molded Cockpit)   ...................................... :$ 1,199.95
     (3)     Contour Waterjetted Bucket Seats (Race Styling w/ Multi-Pads)   ............................ :$ 1,349.95
     (3)     Cold Air Induction Box (Engine Compartment Induction Separator)   .......................... :$ 699.95
     (4)     Aluminum Alloy Ground Effects Pan (Undercarriage Windage Reducer)   ................. :$ 779.95
     (5)     Removable Lexan Side Windows w/ Crew Portal (Race Styling GT Look)   ............. :$ 749.95
                    (#5 Option, Priced as if Purchased Alone, Outside of Deluxe or Window Packages!)
                    (#5 Option, Provided Factory Custom Alloy Inner Door Panels - Included in Price!)

     (6)     Removable Lexan Windows w/ Crew Portal (alone w/o Factory Inner Door Panels)   :$ 629.95
     (7)     Factory Custom Alloy Inner Door Panels (alone w/o Lexan Removable Windows)   . :$ 659.95
     (8)     Chrome Twin Hood Scoop and Radiator Grilles (For the Finished Look)   ............... :$ 439.95




Options will be Added, Updated, Upgraded, and Dis-Continued when applicable!
Prices are subject to change, without notice, when applicable!

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