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We here at factory FIBERFAB , have certain goals in-mind, If you are an
existing Valkyrie owner, you might know that, NO TWO Valkyrie's are exactly alike.
Different Body modifications, Different Powertrains, Different Accessories,
Everyone has different ideas about the car of their dreams,
and different ways of achieving that end result!

We feel that the Versatility of Variable Powerplants, is what the market demands, and in
Prudent Course of the VALKYRIE SERIES , We are gearing up to meet these needs.
Everyone knows that "Corvair Stuff is getting harder to find", and Why would any company
base the revivial of their product line solely on 30 year old, getting harder to find technology?
There are companies out there, Specializing in Classic Automotive Remanufactured Parts
and Out of Manufacture Refurbished OEM Parts. These Companies are not us!

Primarily The Valkyrie, is based on V8, Inline, Trailing Link, Transaxle Technologies.
This Drivetrain Design, remains still to this day, superior to most car Powertrains.
At the present time we feel Various Transaxles are still Readily Available,
These Transaxles include, and yet, Are Not Limited To,
(in order of Economic Concern):
The Original Corvair 4-Speed Transaxle for Limited Horsepower Applications,
The Audi 5000-016 5-Speed Transaxle for Limited Horsepower Applications,
The Audi 9000-01e 6-Speed Transaxle also for Limited Horsepower Applications,
The ZF 5DS25 5-Speed Transaxle for Big Block & High Horsepower Applications.
Adaptors for use with these and other selectable transaxles are also Readily Available!

Here at the FIBERFAB  Factory; We Feel, we are not here to Re-Invent the wheel,
We merely have the desire to Re-Introduce Availability of the Valkyrie Kitcar,
In the VALKYRIE SERIES of V8 cars, and in doing so,
Upgrade it's Technology for Kitcar Enthusiasts.

We have a Distinct Love for the Valkyrie Design, Classic Influences, Smooth Lines, Distinct
Aerodynamics & Exotic Appeal. This is why we chose the 2-Piece Valkyrie Body Style to Upgrade
with Modern Day Technology. New Valkyrie Bodies will be cast from Original 2-Piece Molds,
which were produced prior to the Velocidad Fiberfab Era. This Early Body Style with Lower Rocker
Panels Design will be the Focus of the New 2004 Valkyrie Series of Kitcar!

The Corvair was a Great car, and its technology was ahead of its time, But we cannot assure
the Survival of the VALKYRIE SERIES of car, solely on Availability of Existing Corvair Parts alone!
This is why Suspension Upgrades to the Front and Rear of the Valkyrie Framework have Advanced
it's Design, and improved the Viability of Current and Future Technologies, These technologies
will continue to Improve as time goes on, and this Ongoing Adaptability is one Key to Market Success!

Future Projections include various Front Wheel Drive based Powertrains, which are stockpiled in every
Parts Yard in the United States. With consideration of this Availability to the Kitcar Builder, these
Quality Powertrains from GM, FORD, and Others..... are also viewed as Implementable Drivetrains
for use in the Advanced Valkyrie Framework!

At this time, We are striving to answer the challenge of various powerplants,
with the Variable Design of the Advanced Valkyrie Framework.
This is a key component in engineering modern day technology,
within the Classic Body Style of the 2004 Valkyrie Series of car!

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