Fiberfab - The "This isn't My Father's Fiberfab" Story!
Then & Now
     Hello Everyone,
  My name is D. L. Richer, and I am the Administrator of Fiberfab US. Every once in a while
  I encounter an E-Mail correspondence, that I just don't know how to handle. Usually taking
  a prudent course will lead me to the "Road Signs of Life", which most of the time will direct
  me in the correct path to take. Well this E-Mail I recieved, Stopped me dead in my tracks. I
  had no idea what to do, and had never dreamt that I would receive anything like this! Let me
  take a minute and tell you the Story of   "This Isn't My Fathers Fiberfab" !

     To start out with, anyone that has ever visited this website, would know that on our
  Main Page it Clearly States that:
"This is not the Fiberfab that Your Father knew!"

     So, I'm getting my Morning E-Mails and doing my daily duties here in the office, when I
  open an E-Mail that I wasn't prepared to respond to. I didn't know how to respond to it, let
  alone know what to tell the Gentleman that was writing to me.

     It started out like this:

     Dear Sirs,
  You are correct that   "This isn't the Fiberfab that My Father knew"   because
  my name is Daniel Goodwin, and   "My Father was the Founder of Fiberfab" !

       I hope your starting to understand why I was so Surprised when I read this gentleman's
  E-Mail. Here at Fiberfab US, we have spoken with past Fiberfab Employees and former Dealers,
  But never to a member of the Goodwin Family! Well, to say the least, not knowing if this
  correspondence was valid or not, I told the Gentleman we were Honored by him writing to us,
  and expressed my respect for his fathers legacy!

       Now after many E-Mails, back and forth, we are good friends. He has consented to share with
  us, some of his family photos! So without ado, I would like you to meet:

Daniel Brian Goodwin
Warren "BUD" Goodwin's Oldest Son
Daniel Goodwin's Picture
Daniel has explained to me that when his Fathers Fiberfab was going strong, his younger
brother David and Himself were very young, it was the 60's! At that time his Father was
busy building Fiberglass Add-On car parts, to replace the standard ones and give cars that
Exotic Look and Appeal worthy of the California Lifestyle!

Fiberglass Add-On parts made for the Ford Mustang's, 1964 - 1966, are Pictured Below!

Mustang ET Fiberglass Frontend

Mustang ET by Fiberfab

The Fiberfab Mustang ET was born, just unbolt your old frontend and simply bolt on Fiberfab's
New Stylish Modern looking frontend, and away you go, The envy of Friends and Onlookers alike!

Daniel's Father's Fiberfab made many Beautiful Creations, Some Gone, Many are still Alive Today!
The CENTURIAN, The JAMAICAN, The BANSHEE / CARIBEE, and many others!

The Photographs Below are from His Family Album, Thanks, DANIEL ... for sharing with us!

Aztec's at Factory Fiberfab

This is a Picture of Factory Fiberfab, Original Aztec's were made here. If you look, in the
background of this photo, you can see Fiberfab Aztec's in various stages of completion!

Warren's Daily Driver Aztec

This was Warren's daily driver, a Fiberfab Aztec, not to much to ask for transportation,
considering He was the Founder of Fiberfab and needed to set an example for others to follow!
You could see this car parked regularly outside of their Family Residence in Los Gatos, Calif.

The Los Gatos Residence

Here is a Picture of the Residence, well a Poolside view that is, of the Los Gatos House,
this is where Daniel and David, spent most of their time, a place they only knew as Home!

The Fishing Trip

When Warren, "BUD" as his friends called him, got a chance to relax, he'd love to go fishing,
pictured here with his Prize catch, a Trophy by anyones standards! Living in California had
it's advantages, The Sun, The Ocean, The Beaches. YES, The Beach, a fabulous place for photos!

The Fiberfab Jamaican

Here, the Southern California Beaches were a Wonderful Location for Photo Shoots, many a
Fiberfab Car was Photographed in a Beach-Like Setting. Pictured here is a Fiberfab Jamaican,
A Beautiful Car, A Beautiful Woman, A Beautiful Sunset, perfect photographic composition. As
Legend has it, The Fiberfab Jamaican, was named after one of Warren's first loves,
A Beautiful Woman named "JAMAICA".

Warren and Fiberfab Centurian

Warren, the same as most Fiberfab Fans, was a Racing Enthusiast. He loved to race the cars
he built, and build the cars he Raced! You see him here, Standing by his Fiberfab Centurian,
ready for an Exciting Race Day at the local track!

My Mother Gwendolyn

Pictured here in his car ready for the track, Warren poses for a Photo with the love of his
life, Gwendolyn. She was the mother of his sons, the boys he loved so much, Daniel and David!
Notice the Official Fiberfab Race Apparel. Today, 30 Years Later, We call them Overalls!

Christmas Time with Dad

Daniel explained to me in one of our E-Mail's, some things he can remember vividly, Like
"When Dad was home, It was always like Christmas"! Memories like this make life wonderful!
Warren pictured here in his pajamas, loved to spend time with his boys, even though, being
the Founder of Fiberfab was no easy task, and there was so little family time to spend!

Me and My Brother

Christmas Day, and We can't wait to get to those presents. Daniel on the left, and his
younger brother David on the right, Stand by the Family Christmas Tree, for Family Photos!
It's a Kodak Moment, if ya ask me!

My Wedding Day

Times Change, Boys become Men, People fall in Love, and Lovers get Married. These are the
Things that create the Circle of Life! Pictured Here, on their Wedding Day, are the Happy
Couple, Now Bride and Groom! The Goodwins, Angie and Daniel Goodwin, to be Exact!

Indian's Baseball Game

The Goodwins have enjoyed many a Favorite Spot, They have Taken Many a Vacation,
This is Daniel & Angie on their Midwest Vacation, visiting an Indians Baseball Game!
Daniel forgot to tell me who won the game!

Visiting Angie's Relatives

Everyone Everywhere has Relatives, Daniel is Pictured here with Angie's sister "Shing" in China,
while visiting Angie's Relatives. This had to of been more than a trip, it looks like an Adventure!

     We're accomplished so much, in this History Pictorial, Visiting with Daniel Brian Goodwin,
Meeting his Father, Warren "BUD" Goodwin, viewing his cars & accomplishments, strolling the
Family Residence, and Most of all Meeting Daniels Family! His Mother Gwendolyn, his brother
David, His Bride and Lovely wife Angie, we even went to see the relatives in china!

     The One thing we haven't done is hear from the Heir to the Fiberfab Legacy...Well not Yet!!
Daniel Brian Goodwin agreed to allow us to place these Wonderful Family Photographs on the
Fiberfab US Website, in return for one favor, which I couldn't turn down! He simply asked
that I place a letter written by him, on our US Website,

So Here It Is:

     Dear Kit-Car Enthusiasts,
As Fiberfab US has described, I'm Danny, "Bud's Eldest",
My Father founded the original Fiberfab. He also passed away when my brother David and I were
very young. Since then, we have both elected to persue other careers. Dad's memories are faint,
but the legends are vivid!

     I recently obtained our computer, and "Just for the hell of it", I typed "FIBERFAB" into a
search engine and found a Fiberfab website, " ". Upon going to the
website, I Realized, This site was about My Dad's Cars!

     After seeing what I could see, I got in touch with an enthusiast there named Terry Freeland.
With Terry's guidance and encouragement, I got in touch with the Today's Fiberfab US. Upon
seeing the new Fiberfab's Motto, I E-Mailed them a concern of mine, actually it was a statement,
which was answered by the Fiberfab Administrator, D.L. Richer personally!

     He Assured and Enlightened me, and Now my "Concern", is delight and pride!! Angie and I
are so thrilled that Kit-Car enthusiasts around the world enjoy the cars Dad worked so hard
to provide. As such, we are grateful to see that Today's Fiberfab US is going to Re-Introduce
1 of My Dad's favorites, the Valkyrie!

     I also agree with Mr. Richer as   "This is a touch of Destiny!",   But the Honor is Mine!!

             Thank You Vey Much,
                      Fiberfab & Kit-Car Enthusiasts,
                              Yesterday, Today, and Tommorrow!!!
         I would like to like tell my wife Angie, I love her and Thanks for sharing my life,
and to all of my Friends at NHMC-CHS, Thanks for the Encouragement that keeps me
"On my Toes" and going from day to day! Thanks, Guys
Angie and Cat        My Friends at Work

     Fiberfab US would like to say "Thank You", to everyone that has stopped by and Visited our
Photographic Histroy Montage, "A Visit with Daniel "B" Goodwin"! Also we would like to
Thank everyone that has had anything to do with the Assembly and Completion of this Project!

     A Special Thanks to: Terry Freeland,
         For the Connection between Daniel "B" Goodwin and the Fiberfab US Company!
                 Thanks, Terry ...
     And Of Course, We could never say "Thanks" enough to Danny Goodwin,
         For Allowing us to share his Family Photo's and Memories with All Enthusiasts!
                 Thanks, Daniel ...and Angie too !!!

     I'm sure that Some Enthusiasts, are wondering, What about the rest of the Story,
How does the "This Isn't My Father's Fiberfab" Story end? Well, Only Time will Tell,
But, If Daniel Goodwin ever decides to share more of his Father's Life with us, we'll
be glad to add it to this Pictorial, as soon as it happens!

History Update
27 FEB 04
     Well It Happened...
Daniel and Angie Goodwin decided to stop by for a Visit to the Factory,
while they were touring on Vacation! We gladly showed them around our facility,
and debuted to them the New Valkyries in person!

Daniel and Angie Standing By a Factory Valkyrie!
Here are some Pictures of The Goodwins, Standing by one of the VALKYRIES!

Here's another Pictures of the Goodwins!
Inside the Factory, The Goodwins take time for another Photo!

Daniel Goodwin and Some of our Staff!
This Last Photo is of some of our Staff posing with Daniel Goodwin!

Again as usual....
If Daniel and Angie Goodwin, decide to share anymore of their Life,
with us here at FIBERFAB US, We'll be sure to add it to our Photo Montage!

     Fiberfab US has gone to great lengths to Verify, Validate, and Assure Enthusiasts that,
This really is Daniel "B" Goodwin. We've used many methods, Certified Birth Certificate,
Drivers License, and other forms of Identification. I can Assure you Kitcar Enthusiasts,
that He is the Real Thing!!! The Heir to the Warren "BUD" Goodwin Fiberfab Legacy!

     Thanks Again,
     for Visiting with us,

         Fiberfab US Company
         Washington State, USA

         Fiberfab US Logo

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