Dear VALKYRIE Enthusiast,

Thank You for your interest in the 2004 Valkyrie Series of Kitcar!
At this present time we are preparing Promotional Materials, to be distributed to all Inquires.
This is a very exciting time for us at the FIBERFAB US Factory, everything is reaching it's
final stages of preparation in anticipation of the 2004 Season.

We regret not having Promotional Information ready at this time, If you check back to our website,
now and then, you'll notice constant updates and additional Pictorials being added regularly.

Refinement and Adaptability of our framework, is a key feature in the Valkyrie Series of Kitcar,
the Variable Powerplant requirement that todays marketplace demands, is one of our focuses!
Updated Components are another Integral Concern that our Factory R&D Staff
have placed countless hours of forethought into.

Classic Lines resurrect the Valkyrie Image, while Modern Technology resides within.
Optional Component Upgrades are easily Integratable within the Valkyrie Series, and
Engineered to satisfy even the most Avid Kitcar enthusiast. An Economically Priced,
Infinitely Upgradable, Mid-Engine, Common-Mans Supercar will be the Result!

The Resplendent Icon; once shattering all industry standards, is the composition of the
2004 Valkyrie Series of Kitcars. This is the Goal; we here at FIBERFAB US, are striving to
attain, in the Revivial of the VALKYRIE SERIES of Kitcars. Whether your an Original Valkyrie Owner
looking for upgrades or a Potential Owner of a New Valkyrie Kitcar from the Rebirth of this Company,
We assure you that Pride and Integrity will resound in all aspects of our 2004 Season!

This is a very early stage in the Rebirth of our Company, Please understand, This is No Easy Task! Soon
we'll have Completed Photo Shoots of New VALKYRIE Bodies & New Advanced VALKYRIE Frames,
along with Original Existing Fiberfab Valkyrie Kitcars, those being from the Velocidad Fiberfab era.
These and other Featured Components, to be Displayed on our Website, and to be incorporated within
Our Promotional Materials will allow Statistical and Visual Comparisons from Old to New.

Again, we Regret that Informational brochures, Product Spec Sheets, and other Promotional Items are not
yet ready for Distribution, but as soon as they are Published, We will make them available to you!

Your Request for Information has been placed into our Inquiry Database
and has been indexed for Future Distribution.

Thank you for Contacting:
Factory Sales
copyright 2003

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